07 Feb 2017


Pregnancy is a time for joy and an occasional relaxing day. Here are some practical tips on comfort and safety during this wonderful time.

Pregnant women easily see the difference in their well beings, energy levels and comfort from exercising, and rave over the new found strength that helps them carry out a successful, complication free delivery.

Ten Nutrition Tips for Before, During and After Pregnancy:

1. Women should have a BMI between 20 and 30 to get pregnant and be healthy.

2. Months before trying to conceive, build up the immune system with good nutrition and exercise to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy.

3. While trying to get pregnant increase of supplement: Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D.

4. The first few weeks after conception are the most important times for development of organs and systems within. The energy used to create the baby's vital systems comes from the nutrients in the mother's circulation. Diet and exercise are very important at this stage!

5. During the early stages of pregnancy the placenta is not yet formed and the baby is vulnerable to deficiencies. Remember that everything you eat (or do not eat) is going to effect the baby's development.

6. Increase calories by 200 per day in the last trimester. At least 6 grams of that should be in protein.

7. be sure to get enough riboflavin. It is needed for tissue growth.

8. Vitamin C replenishes drained maternal stores.

9. After pregnancy breast feeding will cause an increase in metabolism. Eat healthy and often. You may feel like you are eating a ton, but the metabolism is so fired up that many women find they lose most of their pregnancy weight gain during this time.

10. 4 to 8 weeks after delivery pick up your exercise program again while continuing to eat healthy and be well on your way to an improved post natal physique and an energetic and clear wellbeing.

Stay Healthy!


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