Headache is a common ailment. Generally, tension headaches are found in people. This occurs when prolonged tension produces a contraction of the muscles in the back of the neck. The other kinds of headache are migraine and cluster headache. While the former is the hereditary condition and occurs due to inheritance, the latter is the recurring types and occurs for days and months at a stretch. The most common symptoms of headache are aches and tightness around head, behind the eyes, and neck, depression or excitation and blurring of visions. There are number of causes due to which headache is caused. Some of them are allergy, emotional stress and tension, eye strain, high blood pressure or low blood sugar, exposure to extreme temperatures, etc. 

Home Remedies Receipe :

Take one tbsp. of sandalwood powder add few drops of rose water and make a paste. Apply this paste over the forehead. Let the paste dry. Once dry, rub it and then wash. 

Key Ingredientes :

Rose water, Sandalwood powder

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