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Way2Herbal Amla Powder – 1 Kg

1,430.00 694.00
  • Pure & Natural Amla Fruit Powder, which may promote healthy digestion and also improves immune health
  • Indian gooseberry powder contains Vitamin C & Iron
  • Amla powder for hair growth helps to nourish the scalp, nourishes the roots
  • Everyone can use Amla powder for eating purpose as it is made with a combination of traditional cultivation and modern technologies
  • Amla powder edible may have a beneficial effect on the skin.


Way2Herbal Bhringraj Powder Hair Care – 1 Kg

825.00 441.00
  • Fine powder of high quality Eclipta alba for the optimal and desired function
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Helps delay premature graying of hair
  • Raw Bhringraj powder, Gluten-Free, Chemical-free, Vegetarian
  • No fillers added, Pure powder of Eclipta alba.


Way2Herbal Mehandi powder – 1 kg powder

850.00 425.00
  • Fine powder of high quality Henna leaves for optimal and desired function.?
  • 100% vegetarian Henna leaves in powder form easy to use by all genders. For external use only.?
  • No fillers added, Pure powder of Lawsonia inermis.?
  • Acts as a natural hair color and conditioner for hair?
  • An ISO 22000-2005 Certified company

Way2Herbal Brahmi Brain Support – 120 Capsules

555.00 336.00
  • Way2herbal Brahmi promotes brain and memory, supports optimum hair health, calms mind. Referred to as Bacopa and has extraordinary benefits.
  • Made with 100% Pure Bacopa monnieri powder & extract for maximum absorption.
  • Our potent 300mg per serving capsule is the highest available on the market. Our formula is of maximum strength with impressive absorption.
  • Gluten Free, 100% Pure.
  • Manufactured in Registered facility in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Spirulina Tablets


Way2herbal Organic Amla Powder – 200 gms – Antioxidant, Digestion

675.00 275.00

100% pure and natural organic Amla powder for optimum safety


Way2herbal Organic Brahmi Powder – 200gms – For Brain and memory

625.00 255.00

Traditionally cultivated, chemical and gluten free, 100% natural and pure Organic powder


Way2herbal Organic Bhringraj Powder 200gms – For hair growth & hair health

625.00 255.00

100 % Certified Organic Henna Powder With And Natural Ingredients And No Added Chemicals

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