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Way2Herbal Punarnava Capsules | Kidney Support & Urinary Wellness – 120 capsules

585.00 325.00
  • Punarnava Each 350 mg Capsule contains Punarnava extract (Boerhavia diffuse) 250 mg Punarnava powder (Boerhavia diffuse) 100 mg (Standardized to contain 0.07, Alkaloid = 0.25 mg)
  • Punarnava is a traditional herb known for its healing properties
  • Punarnava is considered to possess bitter, cooling and astringent properties
  • It may help maintain digestive health
  • It may help to promote health of the urinary tract and also helps to maintain efficient kidney support.
  • Made with 100% Pure Punarnava powder & extract for maximum absorption.
  • Our potent 350mg per serving capsule is the highest available on the market. Our formula is of maximum strength with impressive absorption.
  • Gluten Free, 100% Pure.
  • Manufactured in Registered facility in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

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