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Detox tablet – Body Cleanse – 60 tablet Pack of 2


1)Supports cleansing and detoxification, supports regularity.
2)Best plant-based body cleansing supplement, The finest herbal product for ultimate body cleanse.
3)This Zero fat formula has been designed to give you a quick boost and improve your metabolism. Made in India ? Way2Herbal formulates this supplement in appropriate batches to ensure quality and potency.
4)Naturally, detox ? Wild-Harvested Adaptogenic Herbs promote organ function removing toxins. Relieves toxic buildup in the blood and organ systems. Boosta body energy.



Way2Herbal Detox Herbo 550mg 60 Tablets

Our DetoxHerbo is a blend of high-quality herbs synergistically selected and blended together to form easy to swallow tablets. It gently cleanses and detoxifies the liver, colon, and whole-body cleanse. It helps manage constipation, flush out toxins, improve digestion, guard the immune system. It encourages whole-body detox, increases energy levels.

Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume Herbal Products under the advice of the Health Care Practitioner. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight.

Triphala, Trikatu, Harde, Bahava Magaj, Nishottar Ghana, Pippali (kadha)


Take 1 to 2 tablets at bedtime or as directed by the physician. For better results, it should be taken with warm water.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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