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Shatavari Powder – 1 kg (Pack of 4)


1)Fine powder of high-quality Shatavari for the optimal and desired function.
2)100% vegetarian Asparagus racemosus in powder form easy to use by all genders.
3)No fillers added, Pure powder of Shatavari.
4)Supports Female health in all stages of their life. A traditional Rejuvenative and tonic for women.




Shatavari Roots

Shatavari Powder is one of the most popular dietary supplements for women. In Ayurveda, Shatavari means ‘the plant of one hundred roots’. It is known to contain natural, plant-based phytoestrogens and it also works for hormonal imbalance in women.

Shatavari churna | Shatavari churan is known to be beneficial for both men?s and women?s health both. According to Ayurveda, Shatavari churna ke fayde are many, but mostly, it seeks attention by improving strength and stamina, regardless of any gender. Keeping the Shatavari benefits for women in mind, Way2Herbal is offering Shatavari Powder/ asparagus fresh powder value pack/ bulk pack.

Benefits of Way2Herbal' Shatavari powder

Women's Health

According to Ayurveda, Shatavari holds high significance in lactating women. These supplements for women not only support the new mom after childbirth but also helps in improving the production of breastmilk for feeding the newborn.

Lactation Support

According to Ayurveda, Shatavari holds high significance in lactating women. These supplements for women not only support the new mom after childbirth but also helps in improving the production of breastmilk for feeding the newborn.

Immunity Strengthening

Shatavari roots are known to contain Sapogenin, which is a potent agent for improving immunity. It also helps in improving the body’s resistance against disease-causing agents. This natural immunity booster helps to strengthen the immune system by nourishing and toning the whole body, imparting strength.

Supports Stress Relief

According to Ayurveda, Shatavari root churna root is known to reduce cough and also helps your body to cope with physical and emotional stress. It also works on handling mood swings.

Value Pack/ Bulk Pack Benefits

Value For Money

Value For Money

Way2Herbal is presenting Shatavari Value Pack/ Bulk pack, which comes with 1 Kg powder. It is a value for money pack as it provides maximum amount of powder for the best amount suitable for everyone.

Best Pick for Dispensing Doctors

Best Pick for Dispensing Doctors

Dispensing Doctors can get this value pack/ bulk pack for the best price and experience the maximum benefits. They can also make this pack available to their valuable patients for their good wellbeing.

Best Choice for Regular Customers

Best Choice for Regular Customers

This value pack/ bulk pack is the best choice for our regular and valuable customers. Now they can directly opt for this value pack and keep continuing their healthy routine with Way2Herbal but at the most affordable price.

Suitable Pick for Family

Suitable Pick for Family

This bulk pack is the most suitable option for the Family, who is interested in following a healthy lifestyle. Now, the whole family can get benefited from our effective products at the most effective price.

About Shatavari powder

Shatavari / Asparagus powder?s cooling, soothing, nourishing, properties make this herb a great pick to supporting calming activity and to improve stamina. It helps to soothe the stomach and digestive tract, helping in proper digestion. Shatavari is considered to support normal hormonal balance, thus can be used in various hormonal imbalance home remedies and also used to promote women?s health.

Shatavari is high in saponins, which have antioxidant abilities. They also battle oxidative stress, which causes disease. And thus helps to improve immunity. The antioxidant property helps improve stamina and energy and endurance levels, particularly in women. It also helps to reduce fatigue and stress, keeping you active all day long.

About Our Company

Why to Choose Way2Herbal?

Way2Herbal is having a strong research and manufacturing team supported because we are dedicated to delivering quality Herbal products. For us, consumer satisfaction and quality come first.

Way2Herbal is a GMP-certified company and offers more than 200 products that are best in quality. The sourced herbs are stringently tested on different quality parameters by our quality auditors before using them in the formulation process. The final products have followed the high-end quality testing before packaging and dispatching.


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